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What is brand messaging? Why is it important to your small business? And when is the best time to figure out what the specific message should be for your business?

Brand messaging is the foundational mission, purpose, and heart behind your brand.

Brand messaging is the objective behind your business. The overarching purpose and self-proclaimed goal. That is the most basic way to explain brand messaging. Overall, brand messaging is who you are and what you do as a business, but specifically, it is the words used in your copywriting and content. Brand messaging is the words used to convey the heart of your brand.

On a deeper, more strategic level, brand messaging is the way that prospective customers / clients get to the place of connecting to your brand. This comes about by the way you make them feel through your words, and how you make them perceive your business via what you say/write/share.

It is how you encourage your audience to be a part of what you’re doing. You may be a service provider, and brand messaging is how you invite your target audience to join you because you can help improve their life or business with your service offerings.

It’s how you inspire your audience to achieve more in their life,

Brand messaging is how you bring your audience to know, like, and trust you. You bring them on this trip from simply knowledge of you, to then deciding they like who you are and what you’re doing. That persuasion turns into them feeling like they can trust what you say and what you offer. Eventually that persuasion turns into conversion—or, in more everyday language, gets them from observing your brand to buying from you. Sales.

Brand messaging is your main form of communication with your audience. Your brand visuals speak to your audience in the way your logo connects with your people and your colors make your audience feels, but the words you share in copy and content is the main form of direct communication. Visuals, photography, and graphics are indirect means of communication–and still effective!–but your brand voice is the most direct way that our target audience can learn about our brand and be invited to take part.

Best case scenario: nurturing the opinion and perception of prospects through your words will be intentional. We should have formulated a plan of how our specific brand messaging contributes to the overall perception of our business. But because we are busy entrepreneurs, sometimes the by-product of busy is forgotten strategy.

Our brand message becomes watered down and less effective. It’s like using large, wide flashlight versus a tiny, pin-pointed laser. And if forgotten strategy turns into neglecting to see the importance of brand messaging in that big-picture outlook, we lack the consistency that prospects need to see in order to fall in love with our brand.

But, with a fine-tuned mission at the forefront of your writing, your social media posts, your emails, and your website copy–and with your audience’s best at the forefront of your business–you can create brand messaging that allows your people to get to know the real you, allows them to like who you are, and encourages them to trust you and your business because you have proven yourself to be true, caring, and trustworthy.

Brand messaging allows you to POSITION YOUR BUSINESS in a strategic manner.

High-end vs budget friendly. DIY vs exclusive service. Agency vs freelancer. Corporate vs entrepreneurs. These are just a few ways that you can use messaging to position your business as a company in regards to other businesses and their positioning. Your writing and message can evoke feelings to support your position, or it can spread messages of deterring what you intent to portray as a brand.

So, to close what is brand messaging? It is the way you communicate to your audience to win them to your business. And it is a beautiful privilege and opportunity to shine and serve.

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