Google, How DO you Write A Good "About" Page?

Knowing what to share about yourself can stump the savviest business owner, but now...

Your hardest website page to write just got an EASY button.

A FREE copy template for writing an effective About page that helps you connect with your audience, build know-like-trust, and encourage the sale 💰 -- without resorting to random facts that no one really cares about.

I'm Lindsey Johnson, a copywriter and messaging coach for faith-centered female entrepreneurs.

This About Page template is a Google doc that you can complete in under 60 minutes with a cup of your favorite hot drink (though I always recommend revising your answers into a beauty of a second draft).

Quick, simple, easy.

The copy you craft from this template will become written gold for your business.

You can utilize these words for social media bios, podcast interviews, and so 👏 much 👏 more 👏.

Melissa Corkum

Lindsey's process is clear and concise.

Lindsey's process for refining your messaging and writing your own copy is clear, concise, and guided me from exactly where I was to where I needed to be in my business.

Jen Myers

I went from no clue and zero confidence to confidently and clearly communicating with my humans.

Lindsey is the real deal. She goes above and beyond to make sure that every student is successful. If you're looking for someone who's going to come alongside you (not do it for you, not leave you all alone), Lindsey is your girl.