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It's time to make a BIG IMPACT in writing for your business.

Your Message Is Gold: How To Write For Your Business to Speak to the Heart & Make Sales, a copywriting and content course for savvy and heart-driven female entrepreneurs. {Something tells me that’s you}.

Here’s a question for you creative business women out there:

Would you see a difference in your business with website words that turned browsers into paying customers, social media posts that spoke to the heart instead of falling on distracted ears, brand messaging that reached your audience in a way that made you feel value-giving instead of sales and made them feel that you were absolutely the person they wanted to do business with?

You wish your copy was stronger… more effective.

You wish you knew that your website words + social media posts were going to actually make an impact.

You wish you were more CONFIDENT in writing for your business.

So, m’friend, how would you feel knowing your writing was making a significant IMPACT on your bottom line?

Maybe, right now, you have no idea if you’re even connecting with your audience in a way that’s real, meaningful, and really makes a difference.

Does this sound like you?

Even if business is pretty good right now, there’s always that nagging feeling that it could be better… especially when it comes to the messaging of your business and the way you earn the trust of your audience. So while business is pretty good right now, it could be better if you could really connect with your people.

It’s just not in the cards at this point to spend THOUSANDS to hire a copywriter, and even if it was, it probably aren’t to the point of outsourcing allllll of your biz copywriting (cuz, girl, there’s a lot).

You’re not sure how to get your HEART behind your brand messaging but you know it’s important. You want to sound true to yourself, true to your business, but have a voice that attract your audience, not turns them away unintentionally. You’re not even sure what that looks like, but it needs to happen.

Lindsey has such a loving, supportive, nurturing way of sharing her genius. She breaks down an overwhelming topic into tangible pieces that inspire confidence and creativity for a bootstrapping entrepreneur. I have a much better understanding of how to make my copy consistent and powerful enough to convert!

Patricia Fasciotti

I’m going to take a wild guess and say this sounds familiar.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re writing by the seat of your pants, insecure about how things are coming across to your audience (are you even attracting the right people to your business?!) 

The last thing you want to do is come across as overly promotional, overly technical, or braggy, like you have everything all together. But it’s easy to feel confused–even embarrassed–about your writing if it doesn’t come naturally to you as a person (and then add in writing to sell something, and it can feel like a crazy complicated game. Oy). Plus IF you’re going to make the effort to write for your business, you KNOW those words need to carry an impact on your bottom line. Oh hey, sales-driving word machine. 

Hey, friend. This is where I come in.

I know YOUR MESSAGE IS GOLD, and we will uncover it together.

In this course, we’ll dig deep into:



Defining and refining your mission statement, the relationship between visual branding and written branding, creating your business’s writing style, writing how you speak (and how to infuse your personality into your words)


Identify your target audience and their pain points, address the beauty of transformation, knowing who you are speaking to, defining the language that speaks to them



Learning the rules so we can “break” them in our favor, incorporating conversational writing, creating a powerful brand language, comprehensive word bank


Why writing for the web is different than your parent’s business writing, how to write your website copy, how to write email marketing copy, strategy for blog writing and planning, using your copy to increase know, like, and trust


How to own your voice and feel confident, social media as a tool to lead to conversions and sales, content planning, sharing your story in order to relate to and impact more people


You get pre-recorded audio lessons (think mini podcast style so you can listen as you work on your copy!), workbooks & checklists, and swipe copy for writing your own brand messaging

Plus 3 BONUS breakout modules


and how to make an efficient plan for your business


and the best formula on how to write them


How to write product / service descriptions that sell

Get ready to stand out in your industry.

And speak right to the heart of those who need what YOU have to offer.



But don’t take my word for it–here are more kind words from students themselves:

“Your Message is Gold” is both engaging and practical, and written with small business creatives in mind. The content is clear and easy to read, and then put into practice with examples and checklists included. Lindsey’s knowledge of language and today’s online business world is evident and helpful — even to someone with an English degree and several years in entrepreneurship like me.

Sara Orme

This girl is on fire! Seriously if you want to take your business to an explosive level, contact Lindsey of Verity & Co. She is not only incredibly personable and down to earth, but she knows her stuff when it comes to brands that sell. I cannot recommend her highly enough to any entrepreneur! Lindsey, you have helped me tremendously and I know you will be a gift to many more.
Amy Gabriel

Lindsey’s heart for helping others grow their business comes shining through this course as she gently leads you through self-reflection and finding the heart of your message to share with the world. I recommend this course 100% because the value is incredible. Being able to connect with the heart of your own story and using it to share with others in areas like writing sales pages and social media is necessary as a business owner, and Lindsey does a great job cultivating that through her lessons.

Danielle Roberts

So what’s the breakdown?

I realize there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to online courses OR writing for your business. That’s why there are THREE course tiers for you to choose from, so you can make the best decision and investment for your business RIGHT NOW:

What makes me the go-to gal for writing for your business?

Hey, my friends! I’m Lindsey Johnson, and I have years of experience as a web designer plus formal education in the English language and the study of words. Short stories and research papers were my favorite in high school (not kidding!) and even while I was starting my small business, my love for writing (and let’s face it: quite a bit of grit and determination) propelled me to go back to school and actually finish that bachelor’s degree.

That unique combination of web design and writing has taught me the ins and outs of writing for the web to get to the heart of your ideal audience, to make meaningful connections, and to make sales in your business. 

I get how important this is. I get how important this is for you. And I would be HONORED to be the one to lead you on this road to confident copy, a growing business, and a brand message you will be SO PROUD to share with your people.

I always say that when I’m not designing websites and cheering on passionate entrepreneurs, I get to be wife and mom to our sweet little family. But in real life, it’s more like when I’m not spending my days chasing our three kiddos, loving our rural Wisconsin life, and seek a life full of faith and truth and grace, I get to create websites and brands. Family first. It’s a pretty sweet gig. 

This course is for you if:

Oh friend mine, if you want to improve your writing with proven techniques and a ready to put in the practice, this is for you. 

If you are ready to trade insecurity for confidence, this is for you.

If you have the desire to connect at a deeper level with your audience, to improve your writing skills and learn new strategies for reaching the heart of your audience through your words, this course is for you.

You want stronger copy that actually sells.

You want growth that can come with connecting deeper with your ideal audience. 

You want a brand message that speaks to the heart.

You want to make an IMPACT. A DIFFERENCE. To ELEVATE your brand and CONNECT with your people.

So let me ask you again: would you see a difference in your business with website words that turned browsers into paying customers, social media posts that spoke to the heart instead of falling on distracted ears, brand messaging that reached your audience in a way that made you feel value-giving instead of sales and made them feel that you were absolutely the person they wanted to do business with?

It’s time to tell people what you do, why you do it, and what makes your brand different.


It’s finally time to share the beauty that sets you apart.

Lindsey’s Your Message Is Gold course is a treasure trove of helpful direction for entrepreneurs, especially ones like me who have recently started my own business. Many entrepreneurs can often find themselves “winging it” when figuring out how to grow their business. Instead of stumbling along and learning as you go, Your Message is Gold provides clear action steps to help your brand come into focus. Your Message Is Gold helped me to think of my new business from angles that never would’ve occurred to me when it comes to my brand and how I want my business to be perceived by ideal clients. Lindsey’s course is an excellent roadmap to bring your business to the next level when it comes to writing for your business.

Melissa Meyer

Girl, if you are not ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sure this course is for you–or you’re curious if it’s a good fit–email me.

lindsey {at} verityandco {dot} com

because I want you to be certain that this is the copywriting course for you. I’m pretty sure it is, but let’s chat about you. <3 

Your message is gold, my friend. Let’s dig for that treasure together.

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